Robert Sweet

  • Endowed Professor, Department of Psychiatry
  • Professor, Neurology

Current Research

Sweet Lab's ongoing studies utilize human postmortem tissue, quantitative fluorescent microscopy, discovery and targeted proteomics, genetic mouse models, and primary neuronal culture.

Regarding schizophrenia, studies conducted by the Sweet Lab have been groundbreaking in their direct observation of auditory cortex pathology underlying the in vivo observations of functional impairments. These include reduced pyramidal neuron volume and dendritic spine number within primary auditory cortex. Importantly, we found these impairments of excitatory neurons did not result from neuron loss, nor were they recapitulated by long-term antipsychotic exposure in an animal model. Currently we are evaluating how impairments of protein networks which mediate glutamate signaling to the cytoskeleton may lead to the auditory cortex pyramidal neuron pathology found in schizophrenia.



Selected Recent Publications

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